Data Sweep Credit Card Monitoring Social Security Number Monitoring Public Records Monitoring

IdentitySecure will monitor your personal information and will alert you via email if your information has been exposed to identity thieves online.

IdentitySecure utilizes real-time, web-crawling technology to monitor chat rooms worldwide where thieves often trade and sell personal information such as credit and debit card data and Social Security numbers. It's a highly effective and successful way to foil a thief's attempt to use YOUR credit or identity information to commit fraud.

Why is Credit/Debit Card Monitoring a good idea?

  • Credit/Debit card data is the ENTRY point for larger, more damaging identity theft
  • Combining credit/debit card numbers with public record information creates a recipe for disaster - a fraudulent profile that's very difficult to detect
  • IdentitySecure will send an email and update your monitoring Dashboard to alert you to any compromised data, so you can prevent credit/debit card fraud and take immediate actions to prevent damaging identity fraud