Continuously searches illicit data sources for your credit card and alerts you if needed.
  Data Sweep Credit Card Monitoring Social Security Number Monitoring Public Records Monitoring

DataSweep comprehensively monitors your physical addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers on Internet directories - prime sources of data for spammers and thieves. Every two weeks, DataSweep checks online directories and search engines and lets you know if your monitored personal information is available for public viewing. You'll know exactly which sites are displaying YOUR information, and we'll provide advice on how to request REMOVAL of this information from the website.

Why is DataSweep a must?

  • Personal information is readily available on several Internet directories
  • You're alerted to directory activity
  • We enable you to request removal of personal information
  • By alerting you to the presence of your public information, DataSweep allows you to protect your privacy and lower your risk of identity theft